Rajesh Shukla Montage a fake investor and fraud personality

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Fraud Rajesh Shukla Montage

Dear Readers,

I am going to disclose you to a fraud who cheats investors of their money by giving them impression that he is well connected, in actual he is a nothing, not even educated, he has learnt some big words and use them, tells himself as finance expert but in real its all his trap to convince people, in my this read I am going to give my story with him and logical proof in which you will be able to convince yourself.

  1. Experience with me : I met him through a referral jus as introduction, latter he started sending me whatsapps of various images that he is with so and so personality, in starting I thought he must be some kind of sick person sending me pics of his photo op achievements, one day called and urged for a meeting, I met him, he came with a file and started showing off his fake achievements that he was from LSE, worked for British petroleum, McKinsy, he is a key person who has established the China SEZ projects and bla bla……
  2. Then brings a file and started showing off small level projects to invest into, with baloney fact and figures, again and again saying “ bhaai saaheb abhi invest karlo, ye hazaar crore ka project hai “ and all time saying name of PM, CM, cabinet ministers etc like they are in his pocket. He showed me an imaginary picture of how his small level projects will be a big game and I was showing some interest and asked him to send details on mail I will look into it via my team, and then he started non sense conversation on marriages, Gujrat marriages are like this n like that, north india is this that, I just wanted to rush out n go, my observation from whole meeting was very saddning but i liked the project. He mentioned his companies have turnover of millions and he himself is worth of billions.
  3. I asked my finance and tech team to work on him and submit a report on him, after two days finance team gave me a report :

1. He is jugglar of funds for showing fake turnover.

2. His companies are defaulted.

3. he is director in around 18 companies

4. He has loan on everything thing, even his car also, banks are after him and he badly needs money.

5. There is an active case on him from govt department of Taxes and many fraud charges.

6. He has duped other investors also in past and they have done multiple cases on him (this information we got from our references)

Tech Team Report :

  1. They gave me a link from one of his employees who has posted about him on his blog : https://fraudrajeshshukla.wordpress.com/tag/montage-fraud-rajesh-shukla-fraud-rajesh-shukla-liar-rajesh-shukla-monster-delhi-fraud-mumbai-fraud-rajesh-shukla-montage/
  2. His all imaginary technology was non existent and it was a fictional imagination.

I Got a mail and followed up on call by some lady that I agreed in principal to invest in his project, I gave her signals that I am not interested and they followed up with me multiple times but i never shown interest.

I met a gentle man who said, Rajesh shukla from Montage is real a**hole who duped him by taking advance money in the name of giving him investment for his real estate project and latter said your papers are not right and this is the money I am taking for doing effort on your project.

He has duped many people, if you feel you have also been cheated or luckily you got saved, then do write about this sick freeloader on blogs, lets make mumbai free from these fools who cheat hard earned money. I pity his employees.

And I request all to read about people and do some background check before you associate with anyone, shortcuts are really not the way you make millions, you have earn it. Right people will always be ready with fact and figures. You have to rely on professionals for verification, it costs a little but you save a lot of pain.


RAJESH SHUKLA MONTAGE – 9987227667 cmd@montagecapitalmarkets.net rajesh.shukla@me.com


Rajesh Shukla Montage Capital is a big fraud, cheat, liar and uneducated thug chalo olympics http://chaloolympics.com/

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In Red shirt its his new face for bluffing more people.

RAJESH SHUKLA MONTAGE – 9987227667 cmd@montagecapitalmarkets.net rajesh.shukla@me.com
What He is :-
He gives free bluff speeches all the time and there will be always new things coming up without any logic from the shithole mouth of Mr Rajesh Shukla Montage, he says to everyone that I am investor, investment banker, venture capital and what not. The reality is that he doesn’t have money to pay anyone on time. He spent all his business money on expensive whiskey and girls.
You will never get your clear job role and the offer letter comes in ages with unclear KRAs and they will never appoint you anything to work which is in your job role They have a lot of fake shell companies some of which are:
  • Montage Madcroc – the expired drink (read poison) which he will force you to drink
  • Montage Capital – fake investment banking company setup only to loot talented youth
  • Montage Promoters – fake company into which he circulates money from his targets
  • Montage Healthcare – Fraud company
  • Mann Singh – fake company heavily penalized by income tax deptt.
  • Chalo Olympic ( another fraud organisation by him for looting csr from psu and his front for begging money and eating all in the name of charity ) http://chaloolympics.com

 Mr Rajesh Shukla (fraud and liar) CMD will tell you daily new story to work for and there will be no clarity. Salary never comes on time. Even if it is paid, they will give you a part of it after repeated requests. The company is broke, defaulted and all sorts of doomed things happen here in his B45 Defence colony office. It is totally like his Ayyashi ka Adda. He just sits in half chaddha with holes in them, eats food, drinks whiskey and enjoys with girls. Don’t know much about Mumbai office much but  the employees there told Mr. Shukla is broke and never pays anyone on time there too.

Rajesh Shukla who proclaims himself to be ex McKinsey Asia head and passed out from LSE London, without any shame tells lies that he knows PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah very well and he is doing all BJP strategy work as per their instruction. All is fake in this company (its fraud).

He perfectly fools people and makes them believe that these are government supported projects and asks for funding in the same. The truth is that these all are carefully drafted plans for cheating innocent people especially HNIs produced by his evil mind. He has the supernatural power of looking into your eyes and speaking lies and bluff non-stop shamelessly.


He gives news paper ads in Mumbai and hire people in bulk and makes them work for 2 month for free and never gives them salary, in the name of salary u get hollow bla bla that your performance is not good.

They sell only lies and imaginary products. Its a blemish on your career if you even meet him.

P.S.: This LSE grad is having tight hands on his English, he cant even speak one sentence in proper English. In fact, he could not even pass high school and does not have any degree. Again, all lies and bluffing.
What his company should do to him?
Since Mr Rajesh Shukla can’t stop telling lies and doing fraud business, he should better be fired by board member (if any exists).


Rajesh Shukla Montage